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Everything around us is being technologically- driven from the mobile devices we view every now and then to the ticket, coffee and money vending machines for our use at our own disposal. We present you the VMS software (Visitor Management Software) to take account of every visitor to your offices. This is normally the work of a receptionist. It is deemed a necessity for large office spaced companies; considering the fact that an unmanned receptionist job can come in handy along with a receptionist by delivering service 24/7 and in keeping the records up-to-date and also stressing the fact of being a technologically advanced company.

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Automate your visitor management process and do it more efficiently.

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Benefits of using VMS:

First Impressions:
• First Impressions are very important and considered important for businesses. The first impression any visitor gets visiting office can be positive or negative, being welcomed in by the receptionist or being greeted by no one and waiting for long period of time than expected at the front desk.
• A Visitor Management System helps companies make a first good impression by welcoming visitors as they walk through your door and connecting them to whoever they are supposed to visit. This enables a positive and efficient visitor experience.

Essential Features in VMS:

• Customized visitor entry process, wherein different types of visitors can be treated and recognized based on their requirements for instance a general visitor and a courier delivery person would walk in for different reasons.
• Notifications via text or voice messages. The software is enabled to notify the concerned employee in the company, the visitor requires visiting. This notification can be chosen on any preferable format.
• Establishing a two-way communication system and message forwarding systems in place to help communicate with the software about the absence or presence of an employee.
• Simplify paperwork, by signing into the VMS run software device, and easily submit NDA’s or look into existing records without having to scan into loads of information on paper.

Importance of VMS:

• The first outlined importance of using VMS is the safety environment it provides keeping track of all the visitors to the company.
• It can keep in check and control the purpose of visit, screen visitors and take over the period of their stay in the premises.
• A job which is difficultly managed by a manned receptionist can be easily managed unmanned online and it can also store loads of information for future use without the restriction pen and paper currently does.

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